Pricing - Student Seats

Buyer Fees

Student Seats
This is the fee for using our escrow service to ensure your money is not stolen.
3.49% + $0.49
This is the fee PayPal charges to use their services.

Seller Fees

Student Seats
It is free to list and sell tickets on Student Seats!
3.49% + $0.49
This is the fee PayPal charges for us to send your money to you.
Promotion Fees (optional)
Minimum 4%
This is the fee Student Seats charges to pin your post at the front of the forum.

Example Transaction

Buyer Costs
Ticket Price: $65
Insurance Fee: $4.55
PayPal Fee: $2.92
Total Cost: $72.47

Seller Returns
Ticket Price: $65
PayPal Fee: ($2.76)
Total Return: $62.24

Example Ticket

LSU - Lower Bowl

Price: $125